Four Make-or-Break Marketing Elements

Four Make-or-Break Marketing Elements

A: Leadership
Your marketing programs must support the vision of your company’s future. It’s up to the leaders of the business to set the tone and clearly define the goals.

B: Listening
Customers will tell you what they want, need and are willing to pay for. Just ask them and listen care- fully to the answers. Consider focus groups, surveys, online feedback or polls.

C: Focus
Taking on too many different target markets can diffuse your efforts — reducing the time and budget available to effectively penetrate each one — and sabotage your results.

D: Accountability
Successful marketing hinges on tracking and measuring your marketing results. Start by setting quantifiable goals for every program or tactic, such as to produce three new accounts in sixty days.
Finally, remember that the most important element of any successful marketing campaign is in the testing phase.

With everything you do you’ll need to test and examine each marketing approach, refine, tweak and then reproduce what works. When you find a winner, stick with it!

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